This is Aisyah Samad Zone

This is Aisyah Samad Zone

Oct 14, 2010

majlis kacau bubur lambuk... best.....
tgk la vjay ngn amir kt blakang sana tu...cbuk ngn dapur gas depa..helmi..dah mcm org msuk bendang..
hafiz..projek manager yg kelegaan setelah tamat program beliau dan bjalan2 melawat kwsn..
nasir n akob...pura2 basuh kawah..pdhalnye..aku ngn mas je yg basuh kawah tu..faez sorg ja rjin bsuh kawah sorg2...nty mst rdu ni kt suma2 ni....

Oct 10, 2010

laughter 4 gud health.....!!

peter: i got a hundred marks in school today!.. 
father: wow,that's wonderful! what did u get the hundred marks for?   
peter: 30 for maths,50 for English and 20 for Science.

The frantic mother telephoned the doctor late one night.
“please come immediately,”she said.”my five-year old son just swallowed a rubber eraser.”
I’ll come as soon as I can,” the doctor replied.
The worried mother asked,”What should I do in the meantime?”
“use liquid paper,”the doctor commented.

“Waiter! Do u expect me to eat the dead fly in this soup? Call your manager!”
“I am sorry sir,”the waiter replied.”But I’m sure he won’t eat it either.”

The kindergarten teacher was testing his 4-year old cute little student.
“how many ears does a cat have,jimmy?” She began.
“two,” replied jimmy.
“and how many eyes does it have?”
“and how many legs does it have?”“say,teacher,” asked curious little Jimmy,”haven’t u ever seen a cat?”