This is Aisyah Samad Zone

This is Aisyah Samad Zone

Mar 13, 2011

Reason? There Is....

Someone ever said this to me years ago…”not everything happened for a reason..”
I should say that I totally disagree with her statement..for me..every things happen for a reason..
For example..u fall from a chair..why?..bcoz u didn’t sit properly..or the chair must be damaged..see..even simple thing happen for a reason..i don’t know..this is just another take it or leave it..if u were in a relationship..for years..and then all of the sudden,u broke up..he/she left for no reason(u say).well,what made u so sure that u’ve been left for nothing?..the reason must be coming from you..or he either..but it would be much better if we seek our own fault first..find the fault..or if needed,create the fault..when you know that the reason is u yourself..dont’ blame..but..REPAIR..improve you know why you have been left?..dont blame anyone else..bcoz u wont get the morale..and u wont improve this wide world..we,have to think about ourself first..make ourself happy,peaceful,self-motivated..and then we would happily to help others..once again..pls trust that everything happen for a reason..even we ourselves..are created for a reason..find the reason…thank you…=)


  1. beruntungla orang2 yang matang bila berfikir, waras bila berkata2 & bertimbangrasa bila bertindak :)

    salam perkenalan..folo here :)